Our Program

Transitional Living


Transitional or sober Living is a recovery community that is dedicated to maintaining long term recovery.  Transitional homes are for individuals who are recovering from addictions and/or alcoholism.               Contact Us Today

Addiction Recovery


Addiction recovery is a process that requires action.  At The recovery pad you will be busy working on your recovery and getting your life back on track.  We will be with you each and every step of the way.  We know this is a difficult time in your life and many people don't know how to pull themselves out of the despair they are in.  We do and we can help! Call us Today 800 736 1498



While living in our transitional homes, many clients choose to do our highly specialized outpatient treatment program.  We offer many types of groups, gym, one to one counseling and therapy. for more information      Contact Us Today

What We Treat


Alcoholism effects millions of families each year.  it is the most dangerous of all drugs to detox from.  In most cases a medical detox is needed and is always recommened.  We can help you find the right solution to your alcoholism from detox, to treatment, to recovery.

prescription Drugs

One of the most highly abused of the prescription drugs is the opioids and Xanax, both are highly addictive and very dangerous to come off.  Detox is always recommended for all prescription medications.


Heroin is an opiod drug made from morphine.  Heroin is a black tar or sticky substance but can also be found as a white powdery substance as well (usually on the east coast).  It is not only mentally addictive but physically addictive as well


Meth is a white or clear crystal looking substance that is highly addictive.  Meth is a stimulant drug and can be snorted, smoked, or injected.  People on meth usually stay awake for days, can't eat and get very paranoid.  It is a very dangerous drug.


Cocaine and crack cocaine is an extremely dangerous drug that is also a stimulant.  It is made from the coca plant native to South America.  It looks like a fine white powder or in a powdered rock form.  People usually snort it or smoke it but also mix it with heroin and inject it. 


Over the years more and more people are getting addicted to marijuana.  Marijuana today is 100x more potent then it was in the 1980s.  With the legalization of marijuana we are seening an increased number of psychotic episodes in young adults.